Golf Iron Tips – Select the Right Golf Clubs


When starting off and learning how to golf the first decision you need to make is what clubs are required to play the ultimate game. It is very important to determine what a set of golf clubs is made of before you make a purchase. Some players prefer steel golf shafts, whereas other would choose a golf club with a graphite shaft. This is an individual?s choice, and you need to decide for yourself what feels the most comfortable and balanced in your grip. Don?t be in a hurry; conduct a thorough research of all the options before you buy a set of golf clubs.
Both steel and graphite shafts have benefits and drawbacks. Steel shafts are considerably heavier; some golfers find the additional weight of a steel golf club aids the control of their stroke. A more lightweight graphite shaft allows the golfer a faster golf swing. Many golfers have moved to the lighter graphite club because it has the potential to add extra yards to each shot. An added benefit of a graphite club is that the vibration caused after contact with the ball does not travel up the shaft like the steel club. Golf players using steel shafts prefer the feedback (vibration) from their clubs after a shot, whereas a graphite shaft is “quiet” i.e. without much vibration.

Caring for Your Golf Clubs
Buying a set of golf clubs is very expensive so you must care for your clubs and keep them clean. They must be stored upright and indoors in a golf bag, where the club heads can?t bang against each other and get nicked or damaged. Wash your golf clubs regularly to prevent dirt and grime build up and hardening on the club head. Washing your clubs is a very simple task; part fill a bucket with warm soapy water, allow the heads to soak briefly, and when the dirt has softened scrub the club head with a soft bristle brush. Remove the club from the bucket, rinse in clean water, and then dry the golf club thoroughly with a towel.

Maintenance for Golf Club Grips
Golf club grips are essential to good golfing; they need to cared for and cleaned regularly to remove dirt and grime. Make a solution of warm water and mild soap and simply wipe down the grips with a cloth. Immediately after washing, the grips must be dried off; do not allow water to drip down the shaft. Check the grips for cracks and worn areas; it may be necessary to replace them.

Selecting the correct clubs and caring for them is a first step in learning how to golf. Download an iPhone or iPad app today and get a comprehensive step by step guide on how to golf, covering all aspects of the game including the rules of golf and golf chipping and putting.

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